Rug Cleaning

As rugs are exquisite pieces of art, they need to be taken care of and to be regularly cleaned in order to preserve their beauty longer. Best results from rug cleaning will be achieved if the rugs are vacuumed prior to cleaning. This procedure removes loose dirt on the surface of the rug.


We use products manufactured by Prochem™ which are environmentally friendly and biodegradable. MPD Cleaning Ltd guarantees that these products are absolutely safe to use at home. The equipment we use is powerful and effective, and your rugs will be spotless and dry after 3-4 hours.

Whether you have a rug made from polyester, jute, cotton, or wool, we can clean it for you. We specialize in different types of rugs, including oriental, Persian, machine made, and others. There is a large variety of styles, designs, and fabrics. We use different cleaning techniques and solutions depending on the type of rug. Our cleaners will remove allergens, stains, sand, grit, and dirt from your rugs. They will use different methods, both modern and traditional, depending on the level of staining and the type of stain. We also specialize in color revival, re-fringing, binding, ripple removal, hole patching, and design restoration. Our staff offers water and moth damage restoration and deep cleaning services. We also use compressed air to remove heavy stains and dust. This method is more efficient than beating, vacuum cleaning, and shaking.

An extra tip: Don’t forget to check the warranty of your rugs. Some warranties become void in case the rug is not cleaned during the first year after its purchase. It is recommended to clean your rugs once a year and to vacuum them two times every week.

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