Upholstery Cleaning

MPD Cleaning Ltd is happy to provide the following services:

• High-quality upholstery cleaning at affordable prices;
• Best possible results because we use the best cleaning method for your upholstered furniture;
• Prior treatment of spots where necessary without extra charges;
• Moving back your furniture in its original location after cleaning;
• Your soft furnishings will become fresher and healthier;
• 100% guarantee of service.

upholstery-cleaningThe main goal is to make your upholstery healthier and cleaner. We have made significant investments in advanced cleaning technologies because we want you to experience the benefits of perfectly clean upholstered furniture.

Ourcleaning experts use the most effective upholstery cleaning devices made by leading manufacturers such as Chemspec™, HOST™, Rotovac™, Prochem™, Kleenrite™, and Alltec™. The products we use are of the highest possible quality. They are all eco-friendly and biodegradable, and they are 100% safe. We don’t use toxic or harmful solutions. The products that we use are safe for your children, pets, family, employees, and customers.

We use different products depending on the type of stain (e.g. pet, dye, oil, wine, food, and others). Whether there are stubborn or household stains, we will remove them from your upholstery. We will also soft brush and vacuum your furniture and will use different cleaning products for greasy and non-greasy stains. Our cleaners will treat the stains until they are gone. They will use the right amount of cleaning detergent and water to clean your upholstery.

Our upholstery cleaning technician inspects all upholstery before cleaning in order to choose the most appropriate cleaning method and product for the type of material, dirt, and level of staining. We will protect your floor, carpets, and the furniture nearby from any damages.

Contact us by phone or online to request upholstery cleaning service and to receive more information.

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